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SpO2 for Aviation:

While it is efficient for athletes to know their SpO2 reading, it is utmost essential for pilots to constantly keep track of their SpO2 reading, because for them, hypoxia can spell disaster. SPO Medical pulse oximeters are a very good solution for that problem, because they allow pilots to quickly assess their SpO2 levels while flying at high altitudes. MedeChoice's products do not cost much, yet they allow pilots a priceless peace of mine.

All of SPO Medical's pulse oximeters are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and are easily and safely attached to the body, with minimum discomfort or restriction of movement.

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About Us

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About MedChoice

MedChoice, established in 1993 in Beijing, China, is one of the largest patient monitoring devices and pulse oximeter products manufacturers in China.

In order to keep providing qualified and rivalrous patient monitoring devices, in the past 15 years we have been devoted ourselves into R&D, manufacturing and marketing of the medical devices. There are more than 230 engineers working on the new technologies and products. All of products are developed by our own independent technologies. BEIJING CHOICE is the first company which enters the fields such as Wireless Central Monitoring system, Multi-parameter Telemetry Monitoring System, Fingertip Oximeter with pleth waveform & multi-direction display, Pediatric Fingertip Oximeter, Handheld ECG monitor in China. Its excellent marketing sense will make BEIJING CHOICE keep providing more innovative products in the future.

Up to now we have offered four product series, including patient monitor & central monitoring system, pulse oximeter, telemetry monitoring system and home care monitoring product.

Currently we have more than 400 employees, have established workshop with 5000 square meters and 7 production lines to manufacture different products. All of our products are manufactured strictly according with IEC 60601 standards, ISO 13485 Quality Assurance system. From 2003, we have been exporting products to over 180 countries and regions all over the world. Now BEIJING CHOICE has obtained CE mark & FDA 510k certificates.

In China, we have 22 sales and service offices in central cities. There are more than 10,000 hospitals and clinics using our products.

With the faith of Health care from Choice, BEIJING CHOICE strives to be the best expert of medical device manufacturer, and we will offer the innovative, high-quality, rivalrous products both in domestic and international markets.

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